Making a Will – it’s time to decide

At this very moment much of the World is on lockdown. We can’t go anywhere, or do most of the things we take for granted day to day.

We are all concerned about spreading the Coronavirus, or indeed catching it ourselves. It can be deadly, albeit, thankfully, most people survive.

Why are we talking to you about this?

Because, we are all suddenly faced with the same dilemma – our own mortality.

In our experience, it is often difficult to get the younger generations to recognise they will die one day. They all think they are immortal – and long may that continue.

But now, even they know that you just don’t know what the future holds, so it makes sense to prepare for the unexpected.

And, that’s exactly why you should have a Will…

Before you jump straight in, you need to think carefully about how you want to protect your family, divide your estate, and even what happens to you.

Here are just some of the things to think about:

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated? Do you have strong feelings about your funeral?
  • Would you like specific possessions given to a particular friend or member of the family?
  • Do you want to divide up your whole estate evenly? Do you want to protect vulnerable members of your family?
  • If you have young children, who will look after them if both parents should no longer be around?
  • Who are the best people to be left in charge of making sure your wishes are carried out? They will be ideal as executors of your Will.

Believe us when we say, this is just scratching the surface. There is a lot to think about.

We find that if clients have done some thinking before we start talking it really helps. We will then talk to you in more detail about what is possible and how we recommend protecting your estate.

We know this is a difficult time for everybody, and nobody wants to be thinking about such a depressing subject. But we have also seen the consequences of people not having a Will, and the impact that leaves for everybody left behind. We urge you not to be one of those who leaves it too late.

If you would like to learn more about how we can support you, please contact us on 01344 875 310 – we’d be delighted to help.

Making a Will