What is a Mirror Will?

What is a Mirror Will and do I need one? Clients ask this from time to time, so let’s talk about that in more detail…

A mirror Will is a pair of Wills – each Will leaves the estate to the other spouse or civil partner. So the same intention for each Will.

There is a common assumption that producing mirror Wills is less expensive, but, in our experience, the same amount of work and diligence is needed for both documents.

So, do you need a mirror Will?

We don’t usually recommend them, and here’s why…

Family life is complicated these days. Many people remarry, have more children, have stepchildren, divorce and so on.

By having a legal document that leaves everything to your partner, and then your children, you aren’t protecting your children. What happens if your partner remarries? Your estate could be left to the new spouse, or their children. Your children could be left without anything.

Equally, you will want to ensure you have protected your children if you should die before they reach the age of 18. You may wish to have another named person in your Will other than your partner to protect them.

You may inherit money or assets from your family that you would like to pass straight to your children or grandchildren, rather than your partner. Again, it is important to ensure it is protected if your partner should remarry or cohabit.

And what about executors?

You may have a different trusted person to your partner who you believe will ensure your last wishes are followed.

We believe you need to reflect on your own wishes and what you want to happen when you are no longer here to protect your family and loved ones.

Mirror Wills can seem like the easy option, but this is so important it needs time for you to think about what is best for you. What feels right for you and what you wish your legacy to be.

You may well choose to leave your estate to your spouse or partner when you die, and they may still choose to leave theirs to you. But ensure that beyond that, your family are protected.

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What is a Mirror Will?